Kids Taekwondo School In Toronto

Black Belt World is a World Class Premiere Taekwondo/Martial Arts Academy headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founder Master Tommy Chang is a world-renowned eighth dan black belt and former vice president of sport of the World Taekwondo Federation Canada and past 1ST VP of the Ontario Tae Kwon Do Association. Black Belt World is located in the GTA including Toronto, Woodbridge,Vaughan ,Maple,King City,Nobelton,Brampton,Concord,Mississauga and Barrie Ontario. Our World Class Staff is second to none with Olympic level athletes and coaches.


Vaughan 7730 Islington Ave Unit 3 Tel: 905-605-7211

Black Belt World Mississauga 1170 Burnhamthorpe Rd West UNIT 2-3 Tel: 905-803-1079

Below is some information about some of their credentials.

Black Belt World Team

  • Grandmaster Tommy Chang – 8th Dan Hapkido, 7th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Former Vice President of Taekwondo Canada, and participated and co-ordinated over 150 Hollywood films.
  • Master Shin Wook Lim – 5th Dan Taekwondo, Head Coach of Taekwondo Canada
  • Master Stephan Sealy 5th Dan Taekwondo
  • Master Michael Dependleton – 5th Dan Taekwondo Instructor Black Belt World HQ and BBW Barrie
  • Instructor Emerson Wong – 4th Dan Taekwondo, International Stuntman & Actor (Watch Demo)
  • Instructor Ivett Gonda – 4th Dan Taekwondo, 2 Time Olympian, 11 Time National Champion. Wrld Grand Prix Taekwondo Championship Silver Medallist
  • Instructor Melissa Pagnotta  – 4th Dan Taekwondo 8 Times National Champion, Two Times Pam Am Gold Medallist
  • Instructor Ridge Menezes – 4th Dan Taekwondo Canadian National Champion, sparring and forms
  • Instructor John Koo – 3rd Dan Taekwondo. Ontario Provincial Champion
  • Instructor Miggy Diaz- 3rd Dan Canadian National Champion
  • Instructor Brandon Ly Canadian National Champion
  • Instructor Chanelle Hunter – 3rd Dan Canadian National Champiopn

Toronto Taekwondo Schools

Black Belt World is committed to the physical and mental advancement of our students. We believe that dedicated guidance and training are necessary to achieve a strong mind, a powerful body, enduring discipline, and just ethical direction. We have helped train our students become champions of life, national and provincial champions, stunt men & women as well as stars for film and television.

Toronto Taekwondo Schools

At Black Belt World we have trained numerous stars as well as up and coming actors. Known in film and television as the studio where the stars get their training.


Bullywolf – The ABC’s to Stop Bullying

This new 32 page paperback book with color Illustrations addresses the serious issues of Bullying in school. The book tells a story how a dog trained in the Martial arts teaches other farm animals how to develop bully prevention coping skills. It also includes an educator’s workshop section so the children can begin to develop their own coping skills.

Black Belt World
202-883 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M6G 1M4
Phone: 416-533-1221