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Black Belt World Kyorugi Team is the Sparring/ Fight Team representing our schools in Canada and the USA. Our Kyorugi Team are selected from our elite athletes from all of our schools. Members are selected based on their skill, dedication, perseverance, and fighting spirit. The primary objective of Kyorugi Team is to mold and train students into champions at Provincial/State, National, World, and Olympic level Taekwondo tournaments. With its inclusion as an official sport in the Olympics, Taekwondo is the fastest growing martial art and sport in Canada/United States.

Our Team trains 6 days per week. Learning the skills, drills, strategies and methods used by Korean coaches and competitors for years.

Training sessions focus on developing confidence,Footwork, kicks, timing, speed, power, agility,flexibility, hand target drills, heavy bag workouts, coaching, combinations, strategy, professional training, opponent analysis, conditioning, weight control, competition tips, official Olympic rules, scientific analysis of scoring, & more The Classes are very intense and we do not accept beginners.

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