Adult Classes


This program provides an experience of a combination of exercises for both the body and the mind. You will learn to train your body to develop a better and healthier lifestyle, increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension, create more energy in your day and experience weight loss. Apart from the physical aspect, you will learn techniques and methods to reduce stress and anxiety caused by work, past or other events in your life. This class emphasizes Taekwondo philosophy, spirit, history, breathing techniques, focus training, stretching and heavy plyometrics training with a mix of basic, intermediate and advanced blocking, kicking and punching, one step sparring (left and right side), fighting techniques and poomsae from Tiger #1 to Tae Geuk Pahl Jhang. Self defense throws and joint lock techniques are also taught and performed (Hapkido & Judo) as mandatory self-defense curriculum. This class prepares our students for Black Belt.

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